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Competitive toolmaking and parts production in Europe – Is it worth it?

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Toolmaking and parts production in Europe – an expensive privilege only for selected projects?

We do not believe that!

Find out about the possibilities of producing plastic parts, assemblies and entire products in line with market requirements in Europe as well. We can draw on extensive experience from several projects in which we have, among other things, established tool and parts production at locations in Europe for our customers. This can involve the development and production of individual parts or the development, production and final assembly of complex assemblies or entire products in Germany or in other countries of the EU… Lean and regional value chains reduce the exchange rate risk, enable communication possibilities at short notice, also for personal discussions, and simplify necessary product adjustments. Through the targeted and accentuated application of different manufacturing technologies such as rapid tooling or additive manufacturing processes for individual components, we also considerably reduce the time-to-market period. For example, the insight is finally gaining ground that functional components can be sustainably substituted by physically similar parts from additive manufacturing, even for series production. Together with our partners, we have access to a Europe-wide network of production capacities, which allow us to offer, for example, predominantly analog-dominated final assemblies for medium series or other analog production steps competitively on a global scale. The companies of the HK group of companies and our cooperation partner will be pleased to prepare an offer for your requirements. Ask us!

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