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Additive manufacturing in focus: How industrialpartners makes the LIGHTTAG® a success for OSWALD electric motors!

lighttag 2 - Additive manufacturing in focus: How industrialpartners makes the LIGHTTAG® a success for OSWALD electric motors!

In the modern manufacturing industry, innovative technologies are becoming increasingly important.

An exciting development has taken place at OSWALD Elektromotoren, a leading company for electric drive systems. The introduction of the “MOBILE LASER MARKING SYSTEM LIGHTTAG®” has changed the marking of large components and enabled flexible, high-precision marking.

Another innovation is hidden behind the scenes – series parts of the LIGHTTAG® were produced using additive manufacturing.

In this blog article, you can find out how OSWALD Elektromotoren used this technology and how industrialpartners GmbH provided advice.

The idea behind the LIGHTTAG® was ambitious: A mobile laser marking system that makes it possible to mark large components precisely and flexibly. OSWALD Elektromotoren recognized the need for such an innovative product in the industry and took the challenge into its own hands.</p

One challenge was to find suitable materials for the production of a small series of the LIGHTTAG®. After thorough research and testing, OSWALD Elektromotoren opted for the high-quality PA12 material from HP MJF (Multi Jet Fusion) technology. This innovative 3D printing method enabled precise production of the device’s handpiece. The PA12 material is characterized by its high robustness, durability and resistance, which is essential for use in industrial environments.

In addition, some add-on parts on the case of the device were also produced using 3D printing. Additive manufacturing made it possible to realize complex structures that cannot be realized with conventional manufacturing technologies.

Additive manufacturing played a key role in the development of the LIGHTTAG®. By using 3D printing technologies, OSWALD Elektromotoren was able to manufacture innovative components and have the mobile laser marking system produced as a small series. The close cooperation with industrialpartners GmbH made it possible to provide sound advice on the technical implementation of the product. The LIGHTTAG® now offers a unique solution for the precise marking of large components and is an exemplary testimony to the potential of additive manufacturing.

The story of the LIGHTTAG® is an inspiring example of how additive manufacturing is changing the manufacturing industry. With this project, OSWALD Elektromotoren proved that innovative technologies such as 3D printing can significantly improve the performance and efficiency of products. Thanks to the collaboration with industrialpartners GmbH, the OSWALD Elektromotoren team was able to draw on valuable expertise and optimize the technical implementation of the LIGHTTAG®.

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