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MILO & JAMES: The next level of comfort in care with innovative shower chairs

In the world of care facilities and hospitals, comfort and ergonomics are not a luxury, but an essential prerequisite for the well-being of residents and the efficiency of care staff. The development of the MILO & JAMES shower chair series has played a pioneering role in this quest for maximum comfort and functionality. Thanks to the partnership between industrialpartners GmbH and BEKA-Hospitec GmbH, industrialpartners GmbH has succeeded in creating shower chairs that not only meet current standards but exceed them with the help of extensive development work.

The MILO & JAMES shower chair series combines innovation and functionality in an impressive way. The focus here is on the use of high-quality materials and intelligent designs to meet the needs of residents and care staff alike.

Focus on comfort and safety: The MILO & JAMES shower chairs are characterized by their ergonomic seat cushions, the pleasantly soft PUR foam material, the wide range of adjustment options and the high load-bearing capacity. Thanks to the extensive development services provided by industrialpartners GmbH, the shower chairs can be customized to meet the specific requirements of any care situation. The ability to adjust the backrest of the JAMES model by an additional 30°, for example, is a decisive advantage that significantly increases the comfort and safety of residents and the application options for care staff.

Innovative functions for everyday care: In addition to outstanding comfort, MILO & JAMES shower chairs offer a wide range of innovative functions that make everyday care easier. From multi-adjustable safety arm handles to memory buttons for individual shower positions – these shower chairs set new standards in terms of functionality and user-friendliness. Compatibility with NORA/CARLO active and passive lifts underlines the versatility and flexibility of these products.

With its comprehensive consulting expertise, industrialpartners GmbH was responsible for the complete development of the MILO & JAMES shower chair series. Thanks to the close cooperation with BEKA-Hospitec GmbH, innovative solutions could be realized that optimally meet the needs of the customers. High-quality original aluminum materials, which were also used in product tests, were used in the implementation. This has contributed significantly to the fact that the shower chairs are not only of high quality, but can also be produced economically.

To ensure the basic kinematic structure of the shower chair range, FEM analyses were carried out on an ongoing basis to guarantee the necessary strength and stability during use. As the shower chairs will be distributed worldwide, this was of the utmost importance, as the shower chairs must be suitable for use not only with very heavy, obese patients and those in need of care in many Western European countries, but also in the Arab countries of the Middle East or in North America.

The MILO & JAMES shower chair series marks a milestone in the development of care products. By using high-quality materials, intelligent designs and innovative manufacturing technologies, these shower chairs set new standards in terms of comfort, functionality and safety. The partnership between industrialpartners GmbH and BEKA-Hospitec GmbH shows how successful collaboration can lead to the creation of outstanding products that sustainably improve the everyday lives of residents and care staff.

The development of the MILO & JAMES shower chair range is an impressive example of how innovation and technology can transform the care industry. By using the latest manufacturing technologies, we have succeeded in creating shower chairs that are not only functional and comfortable, but also meet individual needs and requirements. These products represent a significant advance for care facilities and help to turn every care routine into a personal feel-good experience.

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