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Black Medizin - Product development for a range of shower and hygiene chairs
2024 03 04 Titelbild Broschuere Duschstuehle - Product development for a range of shower and hygiene chairs

Client: Medium-sized medical technology company

Product development for a range of shower and hygiene chairs

Product development of a range of shower and hygiene chairs
Our services:
Product design, Construction, Material selection, Hardware development, Firmware development, Load simulations, Testing, Mechanical development, Prototype construction, Prototype construction, Injection molding simulations, Consulting
Our solution:
Product design, product development, mechanical design, FEM analyses, sample construction, prototype construction and supervision of the industrialization of a range of shower and hygiene chairs. Electronics and firmware development of the control system for a prototype to test its functionality.
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The Central Innovation Program for SMEs (ZIM) is a nationwide funding program that is open to all technologies and industries.

ZIM aims to sustainably strengthen the innovative power and thus the competitiveness of SMEs.

It is intended to contribute to economic growth, in particular by tapping value creation potential and raising the level of application-oriented knowledge.

industrialpartners has successfully acquired a cooperation project with BEKA H ospitec to develop an innovative hygiene and shower chair according to BEKA Hospitec ‘s specifications. This concept was then successfully transferred to a new program of shower and hygiene chairs from BEKA Hospitec.

The innovative product range is characterized by the fact that it can be used in daily nursing and geriatric care as well as for the transport of horizontally positioned patients. It offers freely definable positioning options for the positioning and transportation of patients and patients in need of care.

The development focused in particular on reducing the workload of care staff.

industrialpartners was responsible for the overall development and initially designed the aesthetic appearance of the care chair range, taking into account the functional requirements. The kinematic structure was then developed using various FEM analysis tools and optimized in various iteration steps.

The result is a nursing and hygiene chair that meets the highest requirements for variability, scalability and flexibility in modern nursing care.


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