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New Stress Monitor

Study of a new stress monitor

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Design development of a program of components for the monitoring of different measuring data like HRV and other physical data.

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News for your Teeth


Designdevelopment and engineering for a new flosser for PS Products, Germany.

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Dental Desktop Scanner

Dental Scanner

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Design development, engineering of all mechanical parts, prototyping and production of a small series of a dental desktop scanner for Hint-ELS GmbH, Germany.

Biofeedback in one hand

Biofeedback system

Qiu RE 02 - Biofeedback in one hand

Design development; engineering of all mechanical parts; sourcing of manufacturers for the mould and part production of a medical device for Biosign GmbH, Germany.

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air condition system


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Product development of a aeroplethysmograph – engineering of all mechanical parts.

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