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Black Buero - Mobile document shredder
Shredder03 - Mobile document shredder

Client: Asian medium-sized company in the office equipment industry.

Mobile document shredder

Redesign, product design and product development of a document shredder for the home office using an existing cutting unit.
Our services:
Product design, Construction, Mechanical development, Prototype construction, Prototype construction
Our solution:
Product design, construction and product development of the housing concept using the existing cutting unit and electronics. Processing in several project phases. Construction of functional samples and prototypes. Supervision of industrialization in the People’s Republic of China.
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Design development and article construction for a compact document shredder for Lee Tack Ltd, Hong Kong.
The Letack BO-A5X document shredder is designed for the home and small office. It can be operated with batteries, rechargeable batteries and mains power.

Other appliances in this price range only cut the food into long strips.

With its newly developed cutting unit, the affordable BO-A5X is the first battery-operated shredder in the world to cut particles.

The design emphasizes ease of use with clear shapes and integrates the product into the current office environment. The ergonomically optimized control panel faces the user. The design of the paper feed and the cuttings container ensure protection and easy disposal of the paper waste.