New Stress Monitor

Study of a new stress monitor

Design development of a program of components for the monitoring of different measuring data like HRV and other physical data.

For Private Users The Stress Pilot allows you to do an individual anti-stress-training at home, at work or even when you are out and about. Wherever you find a few quiet minutes, you just switch on your personal computer or your lap-top, attach your earclip and start the Stress Pilot software. With the very individual hrv-biofeedback-practice you can easily activate your inner systems, which are in charge of relaxation and regeneration. For trainers and coaches Stress, stress related symptoms and diseases are more and more becoming reasons for in- ability to work. Thus the need for coaches and personal trainers offering efficient stress management is increasing. Stress management should be well integrable into everydays working life and should be directly transferable to any stressful working situation. The storage heating stove is an effective way to save energy and generate her in a environmental friendly way.