In MOLD Decoration for small and middle sized series


IMD combines optics with functionality.

In IMD technology, we use a thermoforming process to form a design foil printed according to your wishes and back-inject this foil with a plastic material in an injection molding process. This foil can already have conductor tracks for the control of the operating unit or we can supplement the back-molded plastic part with electronic components.

Until now, this technology was only economically viable in large series. Hoffmann und Krippner has now developed a workflow through its own series of tests that allows us to economically realize such components for small and medium-sized series as well.

The advantages are:

  • Complex technical parts with integrated operating functionality
  • Elegant surface appearance and pleasant feel
  • Various designs: matt, high-gloss or metal look
  • Optimal combination with capacitive keys, sliders or wheels
  • Very easy to clean and disinfect
  • High chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Design highlights through additional lighting
  • Lower key surfaces for optimal finger guidance
  • Decor protected against abrasion and fading
  • Plastic bezel with longer durability due to protective foil surface

For more informations about this process please take a look on the website of Hoffmann + Krippner. (

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